Monday, June 10, 2013

NovaBACKUP Professional 14.5

NovaBACKUP Professional could rescue you someday. Disaster happens almost everyday, hard disks fails, data corruption occurs, in seconds all our important precious data vanishes in thin air, while we just stare at the monitor helplessly. Sounds scary?.

NovaBACKUP with ease backup all documents and files to safe and secure storage space location then restores themrapidly once necessary. This backup tool include one streamlined user interface of controlling plain activities, furthermore advanced technology in order to accommodate even skilled customers. NovaStor remains in order to evolve it’s device line, and the most recent variation regarding NovaBACKUP Professional are faster and also supports your newest technology, generating that it the greatest honor.

Such as other high-end backup applications, NovaBackup can provides a bootable emergency disaster-recovery CD. I liked the emergency CD’s clean design and efficient operation; I have found it simple to boot my system with the CD and select a backup from an external drive or network location to begin on a full restoration of my entire disk.

NovaBACKUP Professional streamlines the procedure.


A lot of people knows they require and right back increase his or her files, however you cannot see the best way to do so. NovaBACKUP Professional streamlines the procedure. It can easily build a automated back-up procedure you can easily trust on continuously safe any data, lacking shoppers ever having to consider that.

NovaBACKUP 12 Professional provides customized backup options along with wizards catering both novice and advanced users. The user interface by itself is split into two views; Simple View and Advanced View. The Simple View has all the resources meant for novice users while the Advanced View has features for the advanced users. We found that the basic view hides some functions which are available only in advanced view. Some functions which are available in basic view are hidden in the advanced view.

NovaBACKUP might manage complicated procedures. All advanced procedures entail versioning manage, remote storage to FTP websites, boot-disc design plus central management. This is certainly among the couple of products that could even right back up data and single tape drives. Naturally NovaBACKUP Professional additionally backs upwards data at network-affixed storage devices (NAS), external drives (thru FireWire or possibly USB) additionally most different drives connected through a parallel user interface.

Installing NovaBACKUP, you can easily back upward almost all files, incorporating pictures, songs, papers and also programs. That it actually will come alongside totally free on the internet storage at right back up your more and more vital documents remotely. The particular backup applications is actually easy to use – really for the first time consumers.
NovaStor does not incorporate backup and renovation program concerning Mac systems. NovaBACKUP Professional 14.5

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